Solar for rentals calculator

In certain circumstances, the value of a solar system can be shared fairly between landlords and tenants. This calculator can help landlords and tenants work out if solar is the right option for their rental.

Landlords can use the calculator to estimate a payback period and calculate a fair rent increase for their tenants, while tenants can use it to estimate their savings from solar for different system sizes and rent levels.

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How the results are calculated

Where located in regional Queensland, tenant benefits are based on the 2021-2022 Tariff 11 and regional feed-in tariff rates for Ergon Energy customers. Where located in South East Queensland, if a specific tariff is not entered, default general supply and feed-in-tariff rates for tenants are based on the Queensland Competition Authority’s SEQ retail electricity market monitoring 2019–20 report and Solar feed-in tariff report 2019–20. The calculator assumes that each kilowatt of solar PV installed generates 4.2 kilowatt hours per day, and that tenants self-consume 30% of the solar generated. Actual tenant benefits will vary depending on their individual usage of the system.


The information in the calculator is provided by the Queensland Government as an information source only to assist landlords and their tenants in determining the financial, tax and other implications of installing solar on a rental property. The results do not address the particular circumstances of any individual and are best seen as illustrative examples under the stated assumptions.